Undivided is an evangelistic movement called to reach the secularized youth culture in America. We believe in order to for fill our calling of reaching the masses it is imperative to align ourselves with local and national partners who specializes in evangelism, engaging culture. Through strategic covenant partnerships Undivided adds significant value by serving as a catalyst and an extension to other ministries by our unique ability to reach deep into urban communities and engage the youth culture for Jesus. Unfortunately often time it’s the inner cities with the highest drug, crime, unemployment, and highest dropout rate in impoverished communities. We believe it takes a specialized skill set, credibility and insight to penetrate the wall of resistance in evangelizing these underserved communities. We design and develop leadership models to effectively engage the culture for Jesus. Our heart at Undivided is for this generation and demographic to experience first- hand the power of Jesus Christ to reset lives! At Undivided we realize the importance of evangelizing the inner cities across America as this is the epicenter of cultural trends, relevant communication, and cultural behavior patterns. We understand the call to “Go” outside of the church within a given community to infuse the culture with the Gospel in a relevant way. We have been commissioned by Christ to serve as a partnering agent and to assist in engaging a segment of this generation (Urban & Inner City) who is in despair and turmoil. Our goal at Undivided is to work in collaboration with others to mobilize and unite the body of Christ to help execute evangelism throughout America!