Label Services

Music Business Consulting

An in depth, strategic discussions and advise on what steps to take, and how to make your project become a stand out from the rest

Artist Development

Developing the artist on image, branding, press/media, and preparation for superstardom

Publicity & Promotion Campaigns

Developing a plan to get your project noticed by fans and music industry professionals

Marketing & Promotion Campaigns

Developing a strategic plan to launch your project, so that it gains national attention and record sales

Publishing & Publishing

Protecting your work making sure it is available to be picked up for TV, films, radio, print, etc.

Artist Management

Overseeing the artist career, negotiate deals, represent artist in business matters, and advise artist on critical path

Radio Promotion

Getting your music played in rotation on radio stations of your specific genre


Find music that fits your musical style and guide the recording process for quality control


3 to 12 months.


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1 Way Entertainment

1 Way Entertainment